Guidelines for Submission


Authors should email a copy of their manuscript or abstract as an attachment to the central office of the Global Alliance of Marketing and Management Associations. You will receive a confirmation of receipt from GAMMA within one week.  If you have not received a reply within one week of submission, please contact us.  Only mail a hard copy and CD  if you do not have access to email.  Manuscripts should be formatted using Microsoft Word  97 or higher (Windows 95, 98, XP, etc.). 

Page Set-Up:
Margins:               Set margins to 1" for Top and Bottom, and 1.25” for Left and Right.
Paper Size:               8.5 inches (wide) x 11 inches (high)
Justification:          Full (except for headings, as specified below)
Spacing: Single-spaced for abstracts and double-spaced for full papers
Paragraphs:            Separated by one blank line
Font:                       Times New Roman, 12 point

Top of first page: FULL TITLE (centered, all caps, bold)
Blank line
Author Name, University Affiliation, Country (Center-justified, upper- and lowercase, one author per line, no title, no rank, no university addresses)
Blank line
Heading - ABSTRACT (centered, all caps, bold)
Blank line
The abstract paragraph (no more than 50 words, full justification)

Body of Text:
Single-spaced, full justification, paragraphs, no indent.
First heading of the body should be INTRODUCTION (centered, bold, all caps).
Text should follow, using appropriate major headings (centered, bold, all caps) where necessary.
Secondary headings should be left-justified, bold, first letter of each major word capitalized, with a space above and below the heading.

Tables and Figures:                                
DO NOT INCLUDE TABLES AND FIGURES IN BODY OF TEXT.  Put all tables and figures at the end of the body of text.  All tables and figures must be in electronic form and ready for printing.  Authors are responsible for making sure that tables and figures are formatted correctly.  Any papers with formatting problems will be returned to the authors via email for correction.  Tables must fit in an 8 ½” x 11" format with margins set as outlined above.

A list of references is required at the end of the paper.  “References available upon request” or similar phrases are not acceptable for full papers.  Use ‘Reference Style of GAMMA Journal and Proceedings’ ( throughout the paper. 

Maximum Length:                 
1. Abstract: Five (5) page single spaced 8 ½" x 11" pages (including tables, references, etc.).  A4 paper settings
are not acceptable.
2. Full Paper: Twenty (20) page double spaced 8 ½" x 11" pages (including tables, references, etc.).  A4 paper
settings are not acceptable.

Abstract Publication Option:
Authors have the option of publishing their paper in abstract form.  If this option is chosen, please format papers using the same standards listed above for full-length papers.  Abstracts are limited to one (1) page.  No figures, tables or exhibits will be included with published abstracts.  It is acceptable to list “References Available upon Request” for the Abstract option.  A copyright release is not required with the Abstract publication option.

Additional Pages: 
Additional pages may be purchased for Fifty dollars ($50) for each page over the 5 page limit for an abstract or the  20  page limit for a full paper.  Please send a check to Yang Sun made out to “Global Alliance of Marketing and Management Associations”  His address is: Yang Sun, Dept. of Business Administration, Changwon National University, 9 Sarimdong,  Changwon, Gyeongnam, Republic of Korea, Tel: +82 55 213 3346, FAX: +82 55 263 9096,

Additional Comments:
Manuscripts submitted for publication must be as thorough as possible.  They must be edited to reflect the comments of the reviewers where applicable. Papers not formatted in accordance with these guidelines will be returned to the submitting author for correction.  Please do not send papers that have editing symbols or editing instructions, they may be printed in the proceedings as is.  Also, those papers that are not submitted by the submission deadline -- depending on degree of tardiness -- may be placed at the end of the Proceedings or omitted altogetherAt least one author for each paper must pre-register for GAMMA Conference or Symposium.


Submit your paper to:
Central Office
Global Alliance of Marketing Science
Tel: +82 55 213 3346
Fax: +82 55 263 9096


Reference Style of GAMMA Journals and Conferences